samedi, octobre 08, 2005

Cold Season


Tainted Lov.

vendredi, octobre 07, 2005

Need 4 Sleep

Big Trouble in China .. SouthPark Remix Style !!!!
Episode 1
Episode 2

il me manque ce flim merde ....



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Pute verte.


TOP of the POPing. Jeffrey Daniel

pour les amoureux de popping
comme moi une ptite video a l'ancienne



Get Familliar bitch

bon le track de Pharrell sur la " I Got It 4 Cheap Volume 2 " de the Clipse
prouve encore une fois l'efficacité et la versatilité de son écriture.
en attendant son Lp Solo qui je l'espère fera mal, on peut déja fantasmer sur les feat qui seront je pense plus que bien.

"Pharrell Williams - Maybe Remix"


mercredi, octobre 05, 2005

O tonnes

je kiff cette saison mais putain ce soir il caille sa mère.
vivement la neige.

dimanche, octobre 02, 2005

Nasty Dents

"Tippin' Toxic"
(Mike Jones & Paul Wall Vs. Britney Spears)



j'ai recu ca...

"i will compose in english today. because.. received [music chain] which need to answer 5questions and hand over for 5persons. guess what? yea will pass to some foreigners too! hehe guys refer it and continue it!"

donc je me prette au jeu.

1,Total volume of music files on my computer

12+16=28 G's
FBI f*ck U.

2,Song playing right now

in this moment.
----Slave-justatouchoflove rmix By the Master of Work.

the track le more listening for le moment.
---Bullet Proof - Arbalettedef (Exclusif hot shit)
Bulletproof on

3,The last CD I bought

the last
---DKS - Le syndrome Alan Turing

the last record bought
in 45tours
---Courge - Plastoc Flash/Urge
in 33tours
---Alex North - Who's affraid of virginia Woolf - Score

4,Five songs(tunes) I listen to a lot...

Goldie - Timeless (i. Inner City Life, ii. Pressure, iii. Jah) (((The Killer on pressure(
ANIMAL - Take my beef (V/VM) Tom Cruise in Batcave
CIARA - Oh feat Luda (screwed and chopped) ((((Luda have a chiken flow(
Lethal bizzle - Against all oddz ((((no comment leave me alone.(
The HUMAN LEAGUE -Dreams becoze ((((i didn't dreamin(


Leila - Gush Goog (((will u married me Lady L?(
Jackson - Hardtits (((i love hard tits et clit(
Crazy T - Sing along (((Sing alone(
B52's - Rock Lobster (((Vulcano Rock system(
Mike Jones - Got it sewed UP. Rmix (((Back dem(

...ETC....ETC... 5 tracks c trop peu.

5,zero people to whom I'm passing the baton

becose i hav'nt friends.